Have you recently become a truck driver? Welcome to the transport industry! There’s a myth surrounding drivers, depicting them as living unhealthy, inactive lifestyles due to having a job that requires sitting for long periods. In truth, many drivers put a lot of effort into maintaining their health and fitness while on the job, along with implementing safety measures to ensure they can continue to complete their tasks on time and to high standards. If you’re not sure what to expect, Kubic is here to help you start your freight transport career on the right foot!

Plan your trip
Planning makes perfect! To get into a good lifestyle pattern when truck driving it doesn’t hurt to set up a daily routine. Pre-plan stops so you have short rests to look forward to. You’ll also thank yourself in the long run if you meal prep and pack healthy, wholesome food that will leave you feeling good for the whole trip and not sluggish or looking out for the closest bathroom!

Support your physical health
Before leaving for your drive make sure your seat is positioned for supreme comfort and back support. We’ve created a few steps drivers can undertake to adjust their seat and headrest before hitting the road to remain physically healthy and prevent any future pain.

While packing healthy food will keep your stomach happy, what about your muscles? Stay active on your breaks during long trips! Plan to go for a walk on every break, do the driver stretches provided below or complete a short easy exercise that gets your blood circulating, before sitting again for consecutive hours.

Take caution
Brake early and frequently when coming to a stop, slowing down or turning. You’re better off going slow and remaining in control rather than harming yourself and others. Unfortunately, Australians are known to be aggressive drivers and probably won’t hide their frustrations if your speed affects them. Not caring what other people think is essential in this role as rushing can jeopardise safety. Why sit through all that safety training if you’re not going to implement it?

Give yourself ample space when turning. It doesn’t hurt to have more room than you think you’ll need, as long as there are no other cars in the way! When starting your driving journey your training should be thorough and show you how to properly handle a heavy vehicle. If you don’t feel prepared for all driving scenarios whether they are wet weather or changed road conditions, speak up. Ask for extra training to continue to develop your skills and confidence.

Stay alert!
This should be a given, but can easily be forgotten if drivers go into “autopilot”.
Always, always get a good sleep before a long drive: You must be alert at all times and in complete control, for your safety and the safety of others on the road.

Remember how you were taught to stop, look and listen before crossing the road as a kid? Practise this when reversing! If you think it’s clear, check again! No matter how many times you drive, even if it feels like second nature, obstructions can take you by surprise. It’s better to take longer following the correct procedures when reversing big vehicles.

Kubic Transport believes in looking out for all freight transport drivers and making their job as easy and safe as possible. We implement thorough training with our truck drivers and follow all industry guidelines to create the safest environment possible for all of our workers. If you’re looking for reliable logistics management with in-depth knowledge of the supply chain process contact us. We work with our clients to create tailored transport plans, offering solutions, not excuses.