Behind the closed doors of any logistics company, you’ll find dedicated admin teams that keep the wheels turning. We’ve decided to shine a headlight on our back of house team, starting with Bek, to give you an insight into our operations and the people that keep us in line. Without them, Kubic wouldn’t run like the well-oiled machine it is!

Working with Kubic Transport as an Interstate Administrator

A little bit about Bek…
Kubic’s admin team is supported by Bek, our interstate administrator who takes care of our POD management and keeps the boss man in check. Bek ensures everything continues to run smoothly and that we have all bases covered. She has been with Kubic Transport from the get-go – ever since we were a start-up, working out of an office in Brad’s house!

We asked Bek a couple of questions to get into the nitty-gritty details of her role…

What does a typical day look like for you?

The good thing about my position is that I can work from home. I essentially work whenever a job is available and every day is different. The previous week’s invoices are sent to me on Mondays so I start the week off quite busy. I’ll work through invoices, chase up POD’s, rates and answer customer queries. Teamwork is a massive part of every role and Kubic and something we all do well! I work closely with Brad to make sure everything is covered and processes are followed.

What’s the most important part of your job?

An important part of my job is getting the rates right and sending them out so that customers receive information on time and with a quick turnaround. I also need to be really thorough and have pick up and delivery points correct on each invoice. We believe in doing the job once and doing it correctly.

You said you chase up POD’s. What’s the importance of proof of delivery?

Proof of delivery shows who signed for the delivery and sighted it. Any questions about the delivery and any damaged goods will go to that person who signed for it. It’s the same as getting a receipt from your supermarket purchase – if you’ve been overcharged or an item has been scanned twice you have proof! Proof of delivery is very important and every Kubic customer has a reference number to quote back on if anything is out of order.

How would you explain the Kubic workplace?

The Kubic workplace is made up of a supportive team and is flexible for working mums. Everyone communicates with each other, we’re all very connected and family orientated. It’s great to work with a team that is always happy to help each other. I’ve learnt so much in this job and without the support of Anita from our Accounts Department I don’t think we would be where we are now – it’s a dream team.

The actual warehouse is flat out. The processes stay the same but the jobs always change. There’s always trucks and contractors coming in and out during the day. The trucks are unloading freight, containers are being unpacked and ad hoc jobs continue up until 3-4 pm. The afternoon is usually spent booking out the trucks for the next day.

During the pandemic, we’ve been very thorough with our practices. We’re always sending updates to drivers and making sure they’re adhering to covid safe practices at every individual site they visit.

What’s your favourite part of the job?

Clearing out my inbox, the processes and the flow of getting everything done on time. The flexibility is also very handy, especially with kids. As long as the work is done and I communicate with the team it’s all good. That work-life balance is great!

You’ve been with Kubic from day one, what has that been like?

The business has grown so much in the last 5 years for the good. 5 years ago we started out of an office at Brad’s house, with just a small fleet of trucks. As the business grew we hired a room at another depot where we were able to store trucks but it was ultimately another business’ space.

Once we moved into our own warehouse the business grew rapidly from there! We got another warehouse and with the expansion came a lot more trucks and a lot more runs. At that point, we hired 2 warehouse staff and Carl.

There you have it – a little insight into Bek’s role with us as a day one!
We’re lucky to have dedicated team members like Bek helping us run the show.