Planning your processes for the Christmas rush can make or break your end of year performance, turning what could be a stressful time into a profitable one. To get things moving in the right direction, Kubic is here to give you industry insight into what you need to know about planning for the Christmas rush.


The lockdown effect – notice demand

Lockdowns all over Australia have resulted in online purchases in 2020 growing by 57%. This acceleration in the eCommerce market wasn’t expected until 2023! This meant companies had to instantly adapt their supply chain to meet consumer demand. Quick growth can bring challenges for logistics operations, especially with the rise in consumers demanding goods at their convenience. Without the time to notice demand and pre-plan many processes can fall through – this can become an inconvenience for everyone involved.

What we can learn from this is to notice demand and adapt – this starts with working with a flexible provider from the get-go who can be there for you when things turn upside down. It might not seem like an essential quality to look for, but when it comes down to it, pre-planning to meet demand can leave you above water while other companies struggle to swim.

Phone a friend – build positive connections

During stressful times building positive connections with industry professionals can be a great support and a way to build trust with your could be logistics partner. If you have a last-minute request or ad-hoc job, having someone you can rely on will save you time researching a last-minute company to work with and you’ll have peace of mind that they can get the job done right and on time. Do the research before you need the extra set of hands!


Get organised – factor in time and distance

December is a crazy time for everyone and the roads are always packed with people finishing Christmas shopping, travelling to see family and enjoying their time off. It is important to factor this into travel time when you are delivering or expecting a time-sensitive delivery. The destination of your freight and the booking time will determine whether the delivery arrives on time and how it’s handled onsite. Considering these factors can make for a safer and more seamless process.

It’s important to remember that these factors are outside of the control of your driver and they have likely done everything in their power to make sure they’re meeting your expectations while remaining safe and ensuring your precious cargo arrives in top condition.

We don’t have to tell you that Christmas is a busy and sometimes stressful time, but the truth is when it comes to transport it doesn’t always have to be! Get organised now for a productive and profitable Christmas trade.

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