5 years ago the idea of Kubic Transport came about in an effort to ensure drivers had jobs that kept their wheels on the road and this community mindset has continued to grow with the company. The Kubic team now strives to do their part by sponsoring community sporting initiatives including cricket teams, football teams and kart racing.

A welcome addition to the Kubic community was 91 Motorsport. 91 Motorsport is a sprint kart racing team that supports young, up and coming racers, to help them grow their experience and success within the racing community.

Through hard work and sponsor support, 91 Motorsport racer Brock is now the Junior face of the Canning Vale Toyota/Kendrick Racing Team, representing them in Outlaw Karts.

“We would really like to thank…James Latimer from Kubic Transport for his involvement and support in such an exciting project. It is the opportunity of a lifetime for Brock & one which is not taken lightly nor will be taken for granted.”

While representing the Canning Vale Toyota and Kendrick Racing Team, Brock will also be mentored by their members! With over 30 years at the top of the sport in Australia they’ll teach Brock what it takes to succeed, both on & off the track, with the potential to move into advanced sprint cars in the years ahead.

“On behalf of Brock and the team at 91 Motorsport, we would like to thank you for your very generous sponsorship contribution for our 2020/2021 season, It really has sent a buzz through the entire team and everyone involved!

Small business supporting young up and coming racers like Brock is pivotal to growing experience and success and we couldn’t be prouder to run Kubic Transport on the 91 Outlaw.

Here’s to the start of a great season, we hope that we can live up to our previous achievements and more and promise to keep you updated on our progress.”

We look forward to seeing more on Brock’s achievements throughout 2021 with some exciting races to come! Keep up to date with the 91 Motorsport Sprint Kart team here.