Before we were the boutique logistics company that is Kubic Transport, our team worked in various positions amongst the transport industry, kicking goals for a range of other companies.
From the beginning, there have been a few things that made us different from these businesses we worked in, and they have set the foundations of our company, processes and values from the get-go.

As our team came together, we combined experience from the transport, warehousing and manufacturing world into one location. Over time we have developed into a group of reliable and understanding members who share extensive knowledge of the supply chain process.

Back before Kubic was Kubic, two of our team members, Brad and James worked for Express Direct Services, a company that eventually went into liquidation. After EDS’ closure, Brad with his entrepreneurial spirit saw an opportunity to undertake several contracts.

Brad’s key motivation was to ensure the commitment to customer service wasn’t affected and to keep drivers in their jobs, preventing them from losing tens of thousands of dollars. From here the business grew rapidly and Bul who they had the pleasure of working with in the past joined the Kubic team.

With 10 years of friendship with Brad under his belt and after reaching his professional aspirations and development goals, Carl was welcomed to the Kubic team and the rest is history!

Now, with the partnership of Brad, James, Bull and Carl, the business was ready to take on the transport industry!

Kubic Community

From driver support, the ethos of the Kubic Transport community continued to develop into the important value of overall community support. This has led to the growth of what we like to call the Kubic Community that now consists of our drivers and clients as well as local sporting groups and charities.

Our Drivers

Our evolution has allowed us to ensure the Kubic drivers that worked extremely hard in their jobs had a stable position that kept their wheels turning. After years in the industry, most of these drivers are still part of our team today and have achieved many of their own business goals, growing their fleets from 1-2 trucks to 3-6 trucks each while improving their training and having fun along the way!

The mantra ingrained within Kubic is that if we look after our drivers they will stay loyal and look after us. 5 years on and this continues to ring true! The business has expanded from a team of only 3 with 15 drivers to a fleet of over 50 vehicles and 8 staff.

Our Customers

Kubic Transport was also created to bring a breath of fresh air to businesses of all sizes! We make it our mission to offer accurate information and flexible solutions, something that we found to be lacking during our time in the transport and logistics industry.

We believe we have a deep understanding of what our customers need from a transport partner and we strive to create the best overall experience for them. While forming long term relationships with our customers we’ll add in a bit of banter – making freight fun! As the business has grown we’ve kept our existing loyal customer base as well as having many new customers join our community.

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